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How does the new healthcare
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NY Health Exchange

Get information on the official NY Health Insurance Marketplace.

We can help you navigate the exchange and select a plan. 

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About Health Insurance Brokerage Inc.

Employee Benefit Consultants and NY Health Insurance Exchange Agent

 About Health Insurance Brokerage Inc. has been providing insurance solutions to large and small businesses, sole proprietors, independent contractors and individuals in the tri-state area since 1993. We have since opened up a location in NC.  We specialize in large to small group benefits. From group health, group life, group DBL, State Mandated DBL and group dental or vision we have you covered. Medicare and Medicare supplement, Individual health insurance, individual life insurance, dental, vision and wellness benefits are also available through About Health Insurance Brokerage Inc.

  The broker is supposed to represent their clients' best interests. Part of our duty is to understand the situation, needs and requirements of our clients' to find them the best insurance policy within their budget. Choosing the right insurance plan is quite complicated and many people end up choosing a less than optimal plan when they solely rely on their own judgment. We have an important responsibility to help our clients navigate between insurance plans, many of which have subtle differences. In addition to connecting our clients to the right policy, we continue to have obligations to them. Throughout the year we provide consulting services to help determine whether or not policies should be changed, we provide assistance with compliance, we help with submitting claims, enrollments, terminations and we answer your benefit questions or billing questions. You will never have to call the insurance company again. Just call us for everything related to your insurance programs. We will do all the work for you!

  In addition to being well versed on offerings from all insurance companies, we don’t show favoritism towards any specific company. We are licensed in NY, NJ, CT, MD, TX and NC. For business owners who want a one stop shop for their insurance needs, we are the only agents to call.  We've got you covered! Contact us today to find the best plans and rates in your area. (T)914-277-8600 or

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